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Elephants On The Green: Griots Corner/OVCC Community Cypha

Elephants On The Green: Griots Corner/OVCC Community Cypha

Elephants On The Green: Griots Corner #reclaimladbrokegrove

Roots Renaissance Events , One Voice Community Collective and Artists against Institutional Racism, invite the community to continue to support us in challenging Westway Trust’s decision that changed the Flyover, Portobello, Live Music Venue into an Art Gallery, although it has already been proved a invaluable cultural space and community asset . We have been holding community gatherings every Sunday for 18 months on Portobello Green in order to highlight this issue and begin the process of reclaiming our vitally essential local community spaces. We are currently taking a break until the new year when the weather improves as the cold weather causes damage to our drums. We will be letting you all know when we resume. All Griots, Singers & Players of Instruments, Welcome. Come make a joyful noise and let’s… #reclaimladbrokegrove
For more info contact onevoicegroup2@gmail.com


It has now been 18 months since the unexpected and unnecessary closure of a vital community resource The Flyover live music venue by Westway Trust. This situation was created by WT only offering the previous operator a 3 month lease at the end of 2014 which obviously made his management of the venue untenable. We then made a collective proposal for a Portobello Arts Cafe in the former Flyover Space along with previous operator Huey Walker, Ray Carless, Ben Assamin and Fiona Ramsey to restore, build and expand on what we had already been built over the 2-3 years before it’s closure, create a community hub for the development of cultural, educational and artistic excellence, and also repair a situation that was unnecessary, has had a negative effect on the community, all involved, and could have been avoided if not for the bad management of WT.

Instead of accepting our proposal and returning it to the community, they gave it to Westbank Gallery, even though at time of decision had, NO PLAN FOR THE COMMUNITY!
Did the community really need another art gallery?
Get ready for some revelations as we continue to…

We demand an end to the continued historical exclusion and disenfranchisement of the local African Caribbean community from the 23 acres of land held in ‘trust’ for the local community by the Westway Trust. For 4 decades, We have been systematically robbed and excluded by both the local council and WT, and we demand a return of all community assets historically stolen and redistributed and an end to this backward and institutionally racist hidden agenda.

Come and support us in our mission to #reclaimladbrokegrove

for more info contact onevoicegroup2@gmail.com

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Date: 19 July 2015
Location: Portobello Green
Address: Portobello Green - London
Website: http://www.elephantwalk.co
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/536306806518390/

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