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Meshak ‘Djhuti’ Jones (Rap/Spoken Word/Djembe)

Meshak ‘Djhuti’ Jones (Rap/Spoken Word/Djembe)


Meshak Manu Judah Farray Jones Was born July 5 1986,better known as his stage name Mercury aka Djehuiti is an artist,Mc,rapper and drummer from Ladbroke Grove in West London. Also a member of the incredible and renowned Afrikan Revolution and a member of the hip hop collective Ru1 Fam. With uncles in bands such as Aswad and Eye level you could say that music was instilled in him from a youngster. Mercury’s first lyrics were written in a language called Wolof whilst living in Gambia. Although he wasn’t fluent in the language he was inspired and influenced by 2 African hip hop/reggae groups ‘Born Africans’ from Gambia and ‘Dara J’ from Senegal. He lived in Gambia from 1996 and returned to England in 1999. Having met new friends from school and college he became part of a grime group called ‘Infamous Links’ they would perform at pirate radio stations such as ‘Ice Fm’. From 2005 to 2009 they would record regularly and have sets at a members house every other week. Mercury continued making music after the split of the group. His friend also MC/rapper Nathan Hailstones who’s stage name is ‘Subzconscious’,introduced Mercury to his father Niles Hailstones aka ‘Asheber’ of the ‘Afrikan Revolution’. Thats when Mercury got reintroduced to his roots and culture and Asheber would naturally become a mentor to him. It was with Afrikan Revolution where he had his first live musical experience with live instruments. It definitely overwhelmed, humbled and taught the young MC a lot about stage presence,projecting and communicating with a band.¬†

Mercury is yet to release any solo projects but he and the RU1 Fam have an EP entitled 1 AM 1 available via bandcamp (https://ru1-fam.bandcamp.com)

RU1 Fam also have a joint album with Logic entitled WE ARE ONE which is available on itunes. Many more projects are on the way including The Afrikan Revolution Album, G2R mixtape, RU1 Fam Debut album and 3 solo projects from himself.