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Asheber: When The Rhythm Changes

Asheber: When The Rhythm Changes

Label: Elephant Walk Records

Release date: March 2017


When The Rhythm Changes
When The Rhythm Changes
Asheber Feat: Brandishas

‘When the rhythm changes’ is a musikal tool of healing, empowerment and liberation set against the background of global change and revolution.

A mixture of Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae and Jazz with a consciously uncompromising stance, it takes the listener on a journey through the perilous and challenging terrain of the musical warriors path. You will invited to open the vortex “111” and take part in the affirmation “When The Rhythm Changes’ witness the irony of “Volunteered Slavery” and join the ‘Brandishas’ as we shut down “Exhibition B” You may at times suffer from an acute sense of “Draptomania” as you attempt to move “Higher” and rise above the global system of white supremacy/racism and the inevitability of “WW4”. No easy road, but the easy road is the road to nowhere!

Call – When The Rhythm Changes,

Answer  – So Does The Dance

In the meantime stay tuned for previews and exclusive downloads over the coming months leading up to release, like this one..

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