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Afrikan Revolution: Roots Renaissance

Afrikan Revolution: Roots Renaissance

Label: Elephant Walk Records

Release date: August 1st 2017

Catalog number: EWR-002


Afrikan Revolution
Afrikan Revolution Feat Asheber & Akala


The long awaited and highly anticipated album by the UK’s
most revolutionary grassroots musikal collective Asheber & The Afrikan Revolution has arrived!

Formed in 2009, the collective has worked with hundreds of artists and musicians on the road to establishing the foundation of the Roots Renaissance movement. After 8 years of grassroots rejuvenation the ‘ghetto jalibahs’ are ready to unleash the power of the Afrikan Revolution on the international stage. The Revolution are well known for their inspirational, innovative and inter-generational live performances that engage and involve the audience, carrying them on a mystical journey through the musical vibrations and sounds of global Africa.

Not since the days of Osibisa, Jazz Warriors and Soul 2 Soul, has there been a movement this significance in the UK. The roll call reads like a who’s who of some of the most significant and influential musicians of our times and features:
Niles ‘Asheber’ Hailstones, Baba Adesose Wallace, Derek ‘Musicalist’ Johnson, Winston ‘Saxton’ Rose, Tunde Jegede, Westley Joseph, Andi McClean, Akala, Natty, Got2Remember, Watusi87, Meshak ‘Djhuti’ Jones, Subzconscious, Emzee Haywoode, Cleveland Watkiss, Steven ‘Marley’ Wright, Alpheous Little, Henry ‘Matics’ Tenyue, Trevor Edwards, Ray Carless, Yebga Linkoba, Mosi Conde, Jali Keba Susso, Kevin Haynes, Sean ‘Shine’ Devonish, Leonard Lawrence, Tony ‘D-Pan’ Francis, Bravo Bravington, HKB Finn, and introducing Heru Hailstones

Album will be available this Summer 2017