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RU1 Fam is a UK based Hip Hop collective who’s backbone members are producers No Name Beats and MCM; also lyrical mc’s DanJahDan, Watusi 87, Majical, Hunta PRO, Mercury aka Djhuti and Sonorous.

RU1 Fam grew up in the 90s music era, absorbing theirselves into many genres such as hip hop, soul, reggae, funk, and especially the UK music scene from Drum and Bass, Jungle, house and garage and grime. During the late 90s early 00s, their passion for music saw them utilise UK House & G and Grime with dirty beats and lyrics to back it up. The backbone for RU1 Fam have been connected for many years, some more than others, being in different music collectives getting recognition in each’s own ends.

As the lifecycle is always turning, each member has improved and upgraded each others flows, lyrics, instrument playing and beat making whilst adding live music performances to their resumé. Joining forces in early January 2012 has enabled members of RU1 Fam to express their selves in music, film, written and spoken word. Known as well equipped revolutionary lyricists, RU1 Fam have developed into a movement spreading a one love and unity conscious to the people through music and natural vibes. RU1 Fams indepth perceptions of reality create a thought provoking, heart felt expression of WORD SOUND and POWER. RU1 Fams iconic phrase WE SAY RU1?……. YOU SAY I AM ONE!!!! is a phrase of passion and unity, that is heard echoing through out the streets of the concrete jungle. This phrase brings together all and has been gaining speed since RU1 Fams inception.

RU1 Fam is a growing community with many other affiliates of the FAM which including Players of Instruments, Social Activists, community Leaders and media designers to name a few. Together as ONE the RU1 FAM strive to promote positivity as they interact with all those they encounter on a grounded down to EARTH level. RU1 Fam is essentially a musical collective but on a wider holistic scale it also forms a conscious organization that’s main aim is to promote the coming together of the ONES, as they say, “to Unify is the only way to SUSTAIN in this NEW AGE“.

Since the coming together of the ONE’S, the main focus of the movement has been to CONNECT THE DOTS, and the vibration has been pushing them towards conveying the message LIVE and direct to the PEOPLE. This being the case the lyrical members of the FAM have continuously worked to develop there Performance and Hosting abilities and have also worked with some exceptional instrumentalists to create a STRONG live sound. Subsequently, they have fulfilled their aspirations, and have been delivering soul-stirring performances at various venues in and around London.


Stay tunes for special previews, free downloads and releases over the coming months.

In the meantime check out this collaboration between Asheber & RU1 Fam produced at Elephant Walk “Young Rebels”