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Mosi Conde (Kora)

Mosi Conde (Kora)


Mosi Conde is a Djeli Deni – young griot – from Guinea Conakry’s leading family: Sekouba ‘Diamond Fingers’ Diabate Mory Kante – with whom he recently performed at the RFH alongside Baaba Maal at Africa Utopia – are his uncles, Sona Diabate the founder of Les Amazones de Guineé is his aunt and his family are the inspiration for friends like Salif Keita, Alpha Blondy and Kemo Kouyate. Mosi Conde creates music that excites and delights, his virtuoso skill evident throughout. ‘We griots are born in music, every family plays together. Music is our life’. Mosi Conde’s celebration of his griot heritage shines through.

One of the finest musicians on the scene, the range of instruments Conde plays is astounding. He is well known for his creative and sparkling Kora and lightening force intuitive Djembe. To this solid foundation he adds Bolon Bata – a goatskin covered calabash which in expert hands more than equals major double bass players, Donso Ngoni (round bass), Kamelon Ngoni (the griot’s bass), Balafon (as vibrant as any vibes or xylophone), Guitar, Gongoma (large calabash thumb piano) and many traditional percussion instruments. A living contemporary archive!

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