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These pictures reflect a typical Roots Renaissance event on stage with Afrikan Revolution. After our esteemed Elder has invoked the Ancestors with the Drum Call, and Afrikan Revolution have raised the vibrational frequency, it is time to invite the wider community of spoken word artists, rappers and singers to the stage. With Afrikan Revolution’s musicians numbering 11 on an average gig it is not unusual for this number to be doubled by the amount of family that want to take part in the community ritual. Literally 100’s of artists have taken part in our Roots Renaissance Events over the last 5 years including younger artists like Akala, RU1 Fam, H20, Rebel Lions Of Creation, Amari and The Rebels (Philly) , United Vibrations, Natty as well as elder statesmen like Ray Carless, Mamadi Kamara, Bravo Bravington, Noel McKoy and artists like Amoukelle (Mali), Kuku (Nigeria), Nuru Kane (Mali), Lekan (France) Henry Gaobi , El Crisis, David J, Tunde Jegede, HKB Finn and Sona Jobarteh

At one point we had so many emcees coming to take part that I initiated the tradition of 16’s to keep everyone on their toes. The song “Crossroads” which features over 10 vocal artists began as a community chorus that I would sing at Drum Calls to engage the community. As it was based solely on a Chorus it developed into an intergenerational cypher.

Afrikan Revolutoon is a living and breathing entity, that provides a sacred space where kindred spirits can come together to inspire, enlighten and heal through word, sound and power. Music is our weapon, a vehicle for change and a tool for liberation.


10 September 2015 Afrikan Revolution Music Roots Renaissance

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